Are You Ready to Breakthrough to Vibrant Health, Happiness & Ease?

They say 95 % of our thoughts are subconscious or below our conscious awareness. These thoughts are creating our reality. When our health, relationships or career are out of balance, it’s due to these subconscious thoughts. Changing these thoughts can change our experiences in all areas of our life: our health, our relationships, our career and more.

What subconscious thoughts are creating your experiences?

Your thoughts create your emotions, which generate hormones, which create health or dis-ease. Do inner critics sabotage your health and well-being by generating cortizol and other stress hormones in your body? Do you experience conflicts, with yourself or others, that are adversely impacting your health? When these thoughts are identified and changed, your health and life will also change!

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life!

Imagine yourself with unwaivering balance. How would you feel? How would your body feel? What thoughts would you entertain? You have choices! Making these changes does not need to be painful, long term or expensive! Improving your digestion, hormonal balance, or reversing your auto-immune dis-ease can be simple and easy.

Unwaivering Balance

Are you ready to take responsiblity, make a decision to receive support and take action to schedule an exploratory conversation? If so, let’s talk! There’s no obligation, so you have nothing to lose. Claim your complimentary 25-minute Health & Happiness Breakthrough Session now. Click here to find a convenient time so that we can get to know each other, get clarity on what’s holding you back, and explore options to transform whatever is in the way of you having the vibrant health, abundant happiness and easy life you long for!

Terri Moon, MS, your Transformation Catalyst, began her healing journey in 1985 with the first of three auto-immune disease diagnoses, which she believes were each manifestations of her 8 of 10 Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) score. She holistically healed each of these conditions without medications, by reorganizing her nervous system and shifting perspectives. Terri combines her 33 years of experience as a massage therapist & bodyworker, 18 years of experience as a Heart-Based Communication workshop facilitator, mediator and coach, and her 37 years as a metaphysician and belief transformation specialist to support you in having the digestive, hormonal or auto-immune health you desire. She enjoys sharing her healing journey, dinner parties with friends, cooking, singing, dancing and soaking in natural hot springs.