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This Live Practice Group in Heart-Based Communication (NVC) will support you to:

  • Shift dynamics from conflict to collaboration-to make life easier & more fun!
  • Learn practical tools to by-pass triggers & leave behind regret & guilt
  • Build skills to foster connection and trust within yourself and with others
  • Transform your heart and mind to support successful relating & decision-making for life

These groups provide support to learn and practice communication skills, while fostering rich relationships in a safe and supportive online community.  Each week we will read, do exercises, and share experiences, while working with the chapters in two corresponding books**.

Live From Your Heart, Part 1

Covers Chapters 1-6 and  involves learning the basic structure and components of the NVC Model, as developed by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD .  Chapters 1-6 include the following topics: Giving from the heart, Communication that blocks compassion, Observing without evaluating, Identifying and expressing feelings, Taking responsibility for our feelings, and Requesting that which would enrich life.

Live From Your Heart, Part 2

Builds on Part 1 and covers Chapters 7-13 .  We focus on applying the information learned in the first six weeks in our lives and our relationships.  Classes may include role-plays, empathy sessions and live interactions, in addition to learning the material in Chapters 7-14.  Chapters 7-14 include the following topics: Receiving empathically, The power of empathy, Connecting compassionately with ourselves, Expressing anger fully, Conflict resolution and mediation, The protective use of force, Liberating ourselves and counseling others, and Expressing appreciation in NVC.

What Students Say About This Class

“Terri’Moon’s class changed my life!……..Because it changed how I relate to people. Conflict was transformed into shared understanding. Hurt was transformed into compassion for myself and others. Self-justification was transformed into self-acceptance. Instead of always needing to defend myself, I‘ve learned to see no threat.

How did these changes happen? First, I learned that I was speaking in ways that put up barriers to connecting with the people in my life. I had no clue that I was triggering negative responses in others and pushing them away! Second, I learned how to stop speaking in these ways. I became aware of how I was constantly judging and condemning others and learned how to observe the everyday happenings in my life without judgement, which lifted a weight off my back and theirs! Third, I learned and practiced these new ways of speaking that allow me to express myself, and to connect with others, heart-to-heart.  Once this heart to heart connection happens, we can work together to find ways to satisfy both of our needs.  

I was astonished at how my relationships with others were quickly transformed for the better by understanding each other.  Instead of my usual jump right in, I learned that I could listen and be silent, which took the pressure off and allowed me to actually enjoy relating.”   – A.K., Santa Rosa, CA

“I had anxiety and depression and felt paralyzed to move toward my goal of improving relationships with family and friends. Terri’s drop-in groups and classes provided me with many opportunities to practice giving and receiving empathy and to learn how to express my feelings and needs, which profoundly supported my growth, provided community and a sense of belonging. Terri’s 1:1 coaching taught me how to trust myself, how important it is to get my needs met, and how to balance my needs for connection, self-care and autonomy. Terri’s support and expertise over two years, helped me to make important life changes that have dramatically improved my relationships with myself and others. Terri is a true professional teacher and coach and I recommend her without reservation. She is dependable, trustworthy, kind, generous and empathic.”   – Patricia Mullen

“I learned that I could be vulnerable and when i did, I was encouraged, seen, and got that my needs so matter. In doing so, I also experienced solutions!”
“There are more options in life than I think! With connection, there are more solutions that can emerge!”
“I’m opening my heart more to receive appreciations more deeply from others and from myself!”
“Terri brings effectiveness and aliveness to the class. I enjoy her enthusiasm and the way she includes everyone. I appreciate the pauses and deep listening Terri gives each of us-which feels warm.”                                   Diane F., Santa Rosa, CA

“My intention for this class was, among other things, to become more open-hearted and to have compassion for others.
I’m not sure how it did that, but I have noticed a subtle shift in my feelings and behavior-feeling calmer; less judgmental; less angry.
Becoming aware of my feelings and needs pre-empts feelings of judgment and blame.”
“You’re an inspiration, Terri! I’m thinking of doing this again You’re not rid of me yet :)”                                                                                                          – Susanna C. Sebastopol, CA

It feels “good to have empathy guesses directed at me-the opposite of judgment and alienation.”
“The way you stayed with people emotionally tonight, when they were struggling made me feel hopeful in the effectiveness of NVC. I felt you also kept the meeting on track as well.”                                                                         – Monique D., Santa Rosa, CA


 The Foundations Series Includes:


Live From Your Heart: Weeks 1-6- Learn the Two Parts and Four Components of the Model of Heart-Based Communication (NVC).


Live From Your Heart: Weeks 7-12- Practice utilizing the skills learned in Part 1 and integrate them into situations that arise in the group and in your life (Part 1 is a pre-requisite to Part 2).

Cost and Payment

Included in the 6-week series is one private and confidential 50-minute Empathy Support, Role-Play, & Coaching Session with Terri Moon, scheduled at your convenience.  Two 50-minute private and confidential Empathy Support, Role-Play, & Coaching Session with Terri Moon are included with your purchase of the 12-week Foundations Series (value $480).

Participation in this 12-week series of classes involves investing about 4 hours/week (for class time, reading and work outside the group), a financial investment (see fees below) as well as an investment of energy.  Refunds will not be issued, so I encourage you attend a 2-hour virtual Intro Workshop prior to enrolling, to ensure this series is a fit for you.

Foundations, Part 1 is $797.  Foundations, Part 2 is $797. The fee for Foundations Parts 1 & 2, is $1497* (save $97 by purchasing Parts 1 & 2 together).

* Students who choose to repeat Foundations 1 & 2 and receive 50% off the regular price by using the code “REPEAT” at checkout.

Payment with PayPal

To pay with PayPal or a credit card, click the button below.
 Look for PayPal Credit to get same-as-cash pricing for 6 months, if you qualify.

Other Payment Methods

Payments may also be made by check, PayPal invoice, or Venmo.  
Payment arrangements are available for two-payment or three-payment options via PayPal as well.  Purchase books (see details below) separately.**

Dates and Times

Part 1, Tuesdays, 6-8:30 pm, PDT, 4/5/22-5/10/22

Part 2, Thursdays, 6:30-9 pm, PDT, 5/17/22-6/14/22

We will begin on Tuesday 4/5/22 and complete all 12-weeks on 6/14/22.

The Books

**Purchase of two books is necessary, either new or used.  Be sure that your edition of each book has Chapter 11: Conflict Resolution and Mediation (this chapter is available in the most recent edition, the third edition, only-and missing in some third editions). Cost for both books, new, is roughly $30.

The two books are:

  • Nonviolent Communication, The Language of Compassion, by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD
  • Nonviolent Communication, Companion Workbook, A Practical Guide for Individual, Group, or Classroom Study, by Lucy Leu

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