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Include an optional 50-minute, private, confidential 1:1 coaching and empathy support session (at your convenience) with Terri Moon, MS at checkout for the special rate of $533 and save $61.

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Is your reluctance to say “No” because you’re afraid you will hurt someone’s feelings or disappoint them?  Do you tell yourself that if you don’t say “Yes” it won’t happen-because there’s nobody else who can, or will, do it?  Or do say yes because you feel guilty if you say no?  If so, this program was designed especially with you in mind!

Have you ever thought that your chronic health challenges might be the result of not saying “No”?  Research is showing that the majority of chronic health challenges result from stress.  If saying “No” is stressful for you, or it’s easier to say “Yes” and “just deal with it,” learning how to say “No” in a less stressful way could contribute significantly to resolving chronic health challenges.

Its your life!  Spend it how you choose, not in ways you’ll resent, ways that will stress you out, or ways that will make you sick!  Learn how to say “No!” so nobody gets hurt, you don’t create resentments, and that you won’t regret later.  Learn ways to reduce stress and speak your truth at the same time!

What we will cover during the 5-week program:

  • How to know what’s right for you by accessing your bodies wisdom
  • How to say “No”, so nobody gets hurt or disappointed
  • Why prioritizing your needs improves the quality of all your relationships
  • How to speak your truth and set everyone free!

Benefits of participating in this 5-week training:

  • Increase your authenticity, resiliency, connection (to both self & others), resourcefulness / skillfulness (so you can thrive, instead of just survive)
  • Improve the quality of your health & well-being by improving your self-connection skills
  • Improve your communication skills by learning to express yourself from your heart, not your head
  • Improve the quality of all your relationships by putting yourself first
  • Improve the quality of your life by reducing regrets, increasing choices, and getting what you need

What former students have to say about this program:

People pleasing and living the “good girl” persona has dominated my life! It was after the birth of my son that I realized there was not enough time in the day to say Yes to everyone when deep down I wanted to say NO or needed to say no. One day I was coming back from an activity that I had once again committed to when I really didn’t want to and I told my husband that I needed to do something or go to therapy to get a handle on my inability to say no.  That same night I received Terri Moon’s email about “Say No to Others & Yes to You!“.  This 5 week course has been more valuable to me than any of the thousands of hours I’ve paid to be in traditional therapy. I’ve taken many training programs and worked with many coaches andSay No to Others & Yes to You!was one of the most transformative in helping me to recognize what I was truly feeling and needing around situations where I hesitated to say No. This program provided me with tools to allow my feelings and heart to speak up so I can notice what I need instead of getting caught up in the stories that can dominate my decision-making. I learned practical techniques that I apply on a daily basis so I can choose things that bring satisfaction instead of living a life full of obligations. Taking this course has been such a relief because I feel empowered now to communicate “No” instead of saying Yes and allowing resentment or annoyance to build up!                                                  —   Paige Kinzler, Mammoth Lakes, CA
It’s been weeks since we completed the training and I’m still “reorganizing” and allowing things to settle into new patterns.  I’ve continued to practice “noticing” and I’m being deliberate in expressing my feelings in thoughtful ways that don’t shame, blame or imply accusation.  Instead, I’m taking ownership of my experience and how I communicate that to others.  So far the changes are sustaining and I continue to practice daily.  I’ve found that being free to say no when appropriate is a truly liberating experience.  I’ve also noticed a new found liberation to ask for what I need which I discovered thru the training.  During the training, I also discovered that I was falsely assuming that I was an autonomous being.  I was thinking that asking for what I need is a sign of weakness and  I now recognize it as a sign of strength.       —   Scott Vinci, author of Bruised…..Not Broken and Founder of Life Strategies Network
“I have found Terri to be a very balanced, inspiring, knowledgeable teacher. Her compassion, empathy and understanding helped provide unique insights for better communications and understanding. I would highly recommend her courses.
I recently completed Terri’s “Say No to Others & Yes to You!” class and found it very useful for dealing with difficult situations. She provided a wide range of tools that have proved helpful to me in navigating the minefield of emotions in personal relationships. I would recommend her without reservation”.
Shems Peterson

Logistical & Registration Details

Starts Tuesday, 2/8/22. Final class is on 3/8/22.  Save your seat in this life-changing program at the top of this page!

This 5-week series, consists of 90-minutes on 5 consecutive Tuesdays, from 6-7:30 pm PST (9-10:30 pm EST).  We will have exercises, breakout groups and empathy healings during the classes and awareness & movement requests outside of the classes too.  Yes to You! can support you in having more ease while simultaneously improving the quality of all your relationships.

Include a 50-minute, private, confidential 1:1 coaching/empathy support session with this 5-week Program for the special price of $333-save $61!

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back (just show me that you did all the actions I asked you to) so you have absolutely nothing to lose.  I hope you say “Yes!” ONLY if you really want to participate (of course)!

Have questions and/or concerns?  Call me at 707-709-8574.  I’d be happy to answer them!

About Your Facilitator:

Teri Moon

Terri Moon MS, is a Graduate of the 2005 Bay Area Nonviolent Communication Leadership Program, an inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator, an internationally published best-selling author of “Listening to the Body,” and founder of Harmony at Home. Terri’s hands have listened to more than 10,000 bodies, her empathic and compassionate presence have helped hundreds to navigate the “longest distance in the world”-the one from your head to your heart (on five continents), and her conflict resolution skills have supported individuals, couples and family members to connect, hear, understand, and collaborate after years of conflict and/or silence.

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With or without Empathic Presence Coaching Option

5-week series without 1:1 support, 5-week series with 1:1 support


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