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Terri Moon has been a lover of learning and growth since before she started elementary school at 6 years of age.  She earned her Masters Degree in 1982 and worked in Corporate America for five years, until doctors told her she could no longer continue doing Market Research due to health challenges.  Utilizing holistic methods for her own physical healing and transitioning to become a hands-on healing professional in 1987 has provided her with a wealth of experience in, and understanding of, what it means to be healthy.

Spiritual exploration and growth has been a significant component of health for Terri. Paths she has walked, that have significantly influenced her perspective over the last 30 years, include: 12-step communities, Nonviolent Communication, Native American, Hinduism, Judism, Buddhism, Advaita-Vedanta, and Science of Mind ways of being.

Terri has learned to live in alignment with her values through spiritual exploration, personal physical healing, and by learning and growing each day.  She has lived her dreams (traveling the world, living abroad, owning a home in a co-housing community, sharing her life and love with a partner, building a successful business, and contributing to a best-selling book) on a shoestring budget.  She believes that following our hearts, and getting out of our heads, is what creates satisfaction and happiness.  For Terri, fulfillment has come from belonging to communities with shared values and passionately offering her gifts in the world.

Terri is currently completing her much anticipated book, enjoys supporting her favorite non-profit organizations by volunteering for causes she believes in, delights in sharing what she has learned with clients and students, loves growing organic veggies in her garden, soaking in hot springs and living in Sonoma County, California.