In-Person Sessions

I offer Empathic Presence* sessions.  Empathic Presence is a combination of empathy, questions that support self-inquiry, values clarification, reflection, and movement toward your goals.  These sessions are available for individuals, couples, or family members. During these sessions:
  • we may clarify your needs,
  • I may offer empathy,
  • I may support you in hearing another,
  • I may support another in hearing you,
  • we may find win-win solutions that don’t involve compromise but that naturally arise when heart-based connection and goodwill exist
  • you may learn new skills and/or experience insights that increase compassion
  • I will support you in achieving your goals
  • I will hold you accountable to making progress toward your goals

Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. and founder of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), was my mentor from 1996 until his death in 2015.  Marshall said that by using the tools of NVC (doing role-plays and offering empathy) he saw concerns resolve in a matter of hours that would have taken years of weekly sessions using his training in traditional Psychology.I celebrate the effectiveness of this work and the variety of issues that can be addressed using these tools.  To schedule your on the phone session, call Terri Moon at 707-709-8574. 


Hands-On Healing Sessions

I am a CMT in California (license # 44387) as well as an Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner. I initially studied for 250 hours at the San Francisco School of Massage in 1987. I obtained an additional 500 hours at The Exceptional Massage Institute (in Hot Springs, Arkansas) in 2010.

Two of my five initial massage therapy instructors were Ortho-Bionomy Practitioners and I enthusiastically embraced the work in 1987. I studied with the Founder, Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, in 1988 and a dozen other instructors all around the world since then. I incorporated Ortho-Bionomy into my massage therapy practice for 23 years, taking classes throughout those years, before I completed the 500 plus hours of Practitioner training in 2010.

I embrace, and am inspired by, the core tenets of Ortho-Bionomy which include:
– less is more
– in order for healing to occur, all we need to do is create a safe place, then healing naturally occurs
– healing lasts longer when the body initiates it from the inside out, rather than trying to force the body to change from the outside in

In this positional release bodywork modality, the body tells me when and where healing is possible. My job is to listen, respect, and honor the body’s communications. Many of my clients call it “Moon Magic” because the changes occur quickly and painlessly. I think clients use the word “magic” because it’s hard to believe or understand that changes like these can happen when you’ve had chronic pain for years and have tried everything you can think of without relief.

Researchers are just now beginning to understand how chronic pain works. Yet based on this Ted talk on chronic pain they don’t yet know how to support the body to heal but instead use medications to mask and/or manage the symptoms. Ortho-Bionomy supports accurate proprioception (the body’s way of communicating with itself), which shortens the healing process and eliminates the need for medications and the possible side-effects that come with them.

Questions? Call (707) 709-8574 or email and I’d be happy to answer your questions.  Another option is to schedule a 75-minute session and experience the relief that is possible right away.  I look forward to supporting you in functioning with ease, whether in your body, mind, or relationships.