Speaking for Impact, Influence & Income WomanSpeak Circle Programs

I invite you to join our Monthly WomanSpeak Circle:

This program is designed to:

  • Re-wire your nervous system, to create ease and comfort when speaking publicly
  • Allow you to be seen & heard like never before
  • Support you to share your truth from your heart, whether on stage in front of thousands or at the family holiday dinner gathering
  • Transform resistance, fear or anxiety about speaking up into an experience of safety, connection, groundedness and authenticity
  • Experience and own the value of your message and witness the impact your message has on others
  • Develop trust in your ability to speak spontaneously and authentically
  • Empower the voices of women, to change the world

How does it work?   

You will receive materials for each months curriculum/theme.  You will review these materials prior to each virtual Circle.  The materials convey both the culture of safety and support that is unique to WomanSpeak as well as techniques and tips to support your evolution and mastery of public speaking.  The culture and safety of WomanSpeak contributes significantly to the effectiveness and success you will experience.  Your practice of the techniques and tips will powerfully inspire you to become a powerful-even epic-public speaker.  Each month, you will learn WomanSpeak foundational practices, which are both unorthodox and effective.  Each month you will practice sharing the wisdom and insights that live inside you with other participants in the program.  Each month, you will clarify and refine your message regarding what most needs to be spoken.  Each month, as you practice delivering your message,  you will receive celebrations and refinements to support your learning, growth and increase the impact of your presentation each time you deliver it.

I will, as your licensed WomanSpeak Circle Leader, guide you through learning experiences at each Circle, based on the theme of the month.  I will hold a sacred space of safety and support for all, that will serve to maximize your learning and growth throughout your months of participation in our Circles.

You will come up with ideas and content during the Circle, designed to support mastery in an area of public speaking, based on the monthly theme.  You’ll review the materials you receive prior to each monthly Circle and incorporate the theme of the month into your practice during each Circle.  Arriving prepared prior to each Circle means we’ll have more time during our Circles for actual practice. Recordings will be available, in case you ever need to miss a Circle, although I highly encourage you to attend live if at all possible, so you have more opportunities to practice.

I trust you will find the WomanSpeak culture of confidentiality, fertile listening, non-disparagement, celebration and refinements to meet your needs for safety, sisterhood, and community.  So much so that I suspect you will develop life-long friendships with the other women in the Circle.  For this reason, I encourage you to pass along this invitation to women you love who would also appreciate empowering their voices so that together we can change the world.

Guests who are curious about our group can attend your first Circle, to taste the value this work could bring to your life, at a special Introductory rate.  Register for your first Circle here

New members can begin any time because the curriculum can be learned in any order.

The curriculum is available in two formats:

1) Two Circles/month for 16 months (2-hours/Circle)

2) One Circle/week for 12-weeks (2-hours/Circle)

both formats include the following topics:

*Sharing What you Believe

*The Change You Want to See in the World

*Sharing Your Most Powerful ideas

*Your Diamond Insight

*Leaving Your Legacy

*How to Tell an Epic Story

*How to Give a How-to Talk

*How to Speak Up on a Panel

*The Art of the Toast

*The Art of Speaking Spontaneously

*How to Enroll People in Your Vision

*Stories From the Past

*The Art of the Authentic Ask

*The Heroine’s Journey

*Speaking Up in Group Meetings

*Speaking Up in Group Meetings with Men

All the juicy details:

I have two options for you:

  1. A Circle that meets twice/month (on the second and fourth Thursdays from 4-6 pm Pacific time).  This format has 16 different curriculums so you can attend for up to 16-months and learn new techniques and skills each month.  Meetings are held virtually via Zoom, at least until we can safely meet in-person.
  2. A Circle that meets weekly for 2-hours, over the course of 12-weeks.  You experience all of the 16 unique curriculums and learn new techniques and skills each week over the course of 3-months.

One bonus you will receive when you join a WomanSpeak Circle: Your Initiation fee will allow one girl to join GirlSpeak.  This gift may change this girls life, just as the practice Circles will change yours!

I would love to have you participate in our Circle and to support you in empowering and sharing your voice with the world.  I’ve seen how effective this work is and love supporting women to step fully into owning their power and sharing their message.  This experience is truly satisfying and inspiring!

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