Empathic Presence Sessions

Empathic Presence Sessions are a combination of empathy (powerful questions that support self-inquiry, values clarification and reflection), and clarification of action steps that will move you toward your goals.  These sessions are available for individuals, couples, family members or organizations. During these sessions:
  • we may clarify needs/values,
  • I may offer empathy (questions that support self-inquiry, values clarification and reflection).
  • I may support you to hear another,
  • I may support another to hear you,
  • we may find win-win solutions that don’t involve compromise or resentment and that naturally arise when heart-based connection and goodwill exist
  • you may learn new skills and/or experience insights that increase compassion for yourself and/or others
  • I will support you in achieving your goals
  • I will hold you accountable to making progress toward your goals
  • We will likely clarify action steps you can take, to move toward your goals

Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. and founder of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), was my mentor from 1996 until his death in 2015.  Marshall said that by using the tools of NVC (doing role-plays and offering empathy) concerns could be resolved in a matter of hours that would have taken years of weekly sessions using his training in Psychology.  I celebrate the effectiveness of this work and the variety of issues that can be addressed using these tools.  To schedule a videoconference session, visit my online calendar at www.calendly.com/tmoon.