Say No to Others & Yes to You!

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Ever say “Yes” when you really mean “No”?  Or later regret having said yes and want to change what you’ve said?  Do you worry that you will hurt someone’s feelings if you say “No”?  Or do you feel concerned that saying no will hurt your relationships? If you answer yes to any of these, then Say No to Others and Yes to You! was designed for you!

This 5-week series, consisting of one-hour each week, on five Fridays, from 5-6 pm Pacific can support you in having more ease while improving the quality of all of your relationships.  Have a boss that wants you to work late on Friday?  Or a roommate that wants more attention, or housework, than you enjoy?  Or a partner who prefers to not spend time with your children?  This series will teach you skills that will support you in knowing what works for YOU and in communicating your truth in a way that even those hearing your “No!” will appreciate.

Benefits of attending include:

  • What it costs you (and others) when you say “Yes” but mean “No”
  • Why telling the truth sets everyone free!
  • Listening to your bodies wisdom, to know what is right for you
  • How to say No, so that nobody gets hurt
  • Why putting yourself first improves the quality of your relationships

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Five-week Program

Five-week Program Special Beta Test Pricing $97

Five-week Program with 1:1 Coaching

Five-week Program Specail Beta Test Pricing with private, confidential 1:1 session, $197


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