Teen Empowerment Summer Class Intro Workshop


Join us for this 3-hour Workshop and learn how NVC can increase peace and harmony in your life.  Come to participate,  learn and grow on
Saturday, May 25, 2019
1:30-4:30 pm
at Songbird Community Healing Center
8297 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, 94931

Fee for this Workshop is $27.00.

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This 3-hour Workshop is an Introduction to Heart-based Communication Skills (NVC).  Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D, developed NVC and defines it as “an integration of spirituality and concrete tools for manifesting that spirituality in our lives, our relationships, and our political activities.”

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Gain communication skills that support connection, intimacy, self-expression, and relationship success while your brain is optimized to easily learn new languages
  • Develop decision-making skills that support values clarification, living in alignment with your own values, success in your relationships and satisfaction in your entire life
  •  Participate in a non-judgmental community of teens supporting each other in developing skills to navigate and resolve internal and external conflicts
  • Learn to access your body’s wisdom to develop self-trust and gain self-confidence-even in the face of peer pressure

About Your Facilitator:

Terri Moon
Terri Moon M.S. graduated from the Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Leadership Program in 2005, has taught NVC on four continents since then and offers coaching, mediation and trainings online and in-person. Terri has offered healing in a wide variety of forms since 1987.

Testimonials for this workshop

“I attended Terri Moon’s Introduction to Nonviolent Communication Workshop in March. My intention for participating in the workshop was to be more kind in my interactions with others, so I would experience less shame.

During the role-play section of the evening, I realized that my Mother told me as a child that I was “useless and worthless”. I experienced self-compassion as I realized that I had felt shame when she said this because I needed love and acceptance from my Mother.

I also realized that my mother’s said these comments to me because she was concerned and wanted to support my success in the world.

Since the training, I no longer tell my son that he is “useless”, a habit I passed down from my Mother. This change happened easily and I celebrate having choice about how I express myself. I’m now living in alignment with my value for kindness and experiencing less shame in my interactions with others as a result.”

E.G., Santa Rosa
“I thought the Introductory Workshop was great! It was broad-based with specific examples and exercises-life skill expanding.”
“I liked the jackal (in and out) and giraffe (in and out) example. It’s concise and applicable. I also appreciated the active listening demonstrations.”

Mary M., Sebastopol, CA

“Excellent presentation-I appreciated the history of this work, the format, and the experiential aspect. I also liked the preview at the beginning of what would be covered.”
“I’m definitely satisfied-I liked the worksheets and handouts (I’m a visual and kinesthetic learner) and I liked using a particular example in my life with all 4 ears! Everyone seemed to relate to my situation being used (for the example).”

Diane Marie, Santa Rosa, CA


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