Live From Your Heart, Transform Your Life – The Foundations: Parts 1 & 2


Learn effective tools to support heart-based living and successfully navigate the “longest distance in the world” from your head to your heart. Living from our heart supports compassion, connection, love and clarity about our needs. It also supports us to experience more peace, effectiveness, connection and less regret and remorse as we navigate through our daily lives.

Foundations 1 Includes: Six-2.5 hour long live trainings and one-60 minute private and confidential Empathic Presence Coaching Session, $797.00

Foundations 2 Includes: Six-2.5 hour long live trainings and one-60 minute private and confidential Empathic Presence Coaching Session, $797.00

Foundations Parts 1 and 2 Includes: 12-2.5 hour long live trainings and two-60 minutes private and confidential Empathic Presence Coaching Sessions, $1497.00 (save $97 by purchasing all 12 live trainings in advance).

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Remember to order your books for the class:

Nonviolent Communication,  A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, 3rd edition.

Nonviolent Communication, Companion Workbook, A Practical Guide for Individual, Group, or Classroom Study, by Lucy Leu

In the most recent edition of each book, the 3rd edition, Chapter 11 is titled “Conflict Resolution and Mediation” and the book contains 14 total chapters.  Check that you book contains this Chapter when purchasing a new copy.

Cost for both books, new, is roughly $30 and they can be found online at Barnes & Noble (, The Center for Nonviolent Communication bookstore (, or locally at Copperfields’ three Sonoma County locations, Many Rivers Books & Tea in Sebastopol or Stepping Stones Bookstore in Santa Rosa.

Students share their experiences from taking this class:

“Terri’Moon’s class changed my life!……..Because it changed how I relate to people. Conflict was transformed into shared understanding. Hurt was transformed into compassion for myself and others. Self-justification was transformed into self-acceptance. Instead of always needing to defend myself, I‘ve learned to see no threat.

How did these changes happen?
First, I learned that I was speaking in ways that put up barriers to connecting with the people in my life. I had no clue that I was triggering negative responses in others and pushing them away! Second, I learned how to stop speaking in these ways. I became aware of how I was constantly judging and condemning others and learned how to observe the everyday happenings in my life without judgement, which lifted a weight off my back and theirs! Third, I learned and practiced these new ways of speaking that allow me to express myself, and to connect with others, heart-to-heart.  Once this heart to heart connection happens, we can work together to find ways to satisfy both of our needs.  

I was astonished at how my relationships with others were quickly transformed for the better by understanding each other.  Instead of my usual jump right in, I learned that I could listen and be silent, which took the pressure off and allowed me to actually enjoy relating.”     – A.K, Santa Rosa, CA

“I had anxiety and depression and felt paralyzed to move toward my goal of improving relationships with family and friends. Terri’s drop-in groups and classes provided me with many opportunities to practice giving and receiving empathy and to learn how to express my feelings and needs, which profoundly supported my growth, provided community and a sense of belonging. Terri’s 1:1 coaching taught me how to trust myself, how important it is to get my needs met, and how to balance my needs for connection, self-care and autonomy. Terri’s support and expertise over two years, helped me to make important life changes that have dramatically improved my relationships with myself and others. Terri is a true professional teacher and coach and I recommend her without reservation. She is dependable, trustworthy, kind, generous and empathic.”                         – Patricia Mullen

“Before I took the Live From Your Heart class series with Terri Moon I had experienced continued bickering with my husband regarding “things I needed help with” or “shared responsibilities”. The communication tools I grew up with never seemed to accomplish anything efficiently.  For years arguments persisted and resentments built in our marriage and I built up a wall.  After taking this series of classes, I no longer have any push back when I request help from my husband, and I know this is a direct result from the techniques I learned in the Live From Your Heart Series. I now experience respect and love from my husband when I request help with shared responsibilities instead of “demanding” things get done!   My husband became your biggest fan because of how I changed when I took this class!

In addition to the improvements with my personal life the results of this course have flowed into my professional field. When working with supervisors and coworkers I am able to share the common needs in ways that resonate with all and help propel our work environment in a productive and efficient manner.

Overall, this course has significantly decreased my worry and stress around communicating with others. I feel I have the capacity to connect with anyone in a way that both parities will walk away feeling that everyone “Won!” Thank you Terri Moon for offering this life changing course.  Your years of experience are a gift to our area.”   –  Paige Kinzler, Santa Rosa, CA

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