Empathy & Compassion: Increase Connection, Satisfaction, Well-Being and Harmony

Heart-Based Communication (NVC), according to Marshall Rosenberg, my mentor and the founder, is “an integration of spirituality and concrete tools for manifesting that spirituality in our lives, our relationships, and our political activities”.  Sessions happen from your computer or tablet and increase connection, satisfaction and well-being in your life!

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Living from our head allows our inner critics to run our lives.  Their judgments can generate shame, guilt, anger and even depression.  Alternatively, living from our heart supports compassion, connection, love, and clarity about our needs.

What happens when we are truly heard and accepted without judgment, criticism, blame, or shame?  We learn to love and accept ourselves unconditionally.  It is finally safe to be fully present in our bodies and experience all of our feelings.  Perhaps more significantly, we gain self-understanding, have access to our inner navigation system that can guide us toward satisfaction.  We also reduce stress which leads to less anxiety and depression and generates heath and well-being.  This health and well-being allows us to experience more peace, freedom and fulfillment in our lives.  In short, by learning tools that allow us to begin living from our heart rather than from our heads.

Living from our hearts, instead of our heads, creates more connection with ourselves as well as others.  This connection provides us with choices that we would otherwise not have access to.  This means that we experience less conflict, both with ourselves and with others, and more peace and freedom.

Some benefits of empathy and compassion:

  • Reduces loneliness by increasing connection and allows you to receive more love and support
  • Helps you to befriend your inner critics, rather than fighting them, which deepens self-compassion as well as compassion for others
  • Support you to express yourself clearly and authentically
  • Helps you identify choice points so you can respond rather than react
  • Releases anger, shame, guilt, depression and overwhelm while increasing self-esteem, confidence and effectiveness
  • Teach you to listen in ways that increase intimacy & get what you need
  • Allows you to make decisions with ease and grace because you are self-connected

Empathic Presence Coaching Sessions

Empathic Presence Coaching Sessions are a combination of empathy (powerful questions that support self-inquiry, values clarification and reflection), and coaching (clarification of action steps that will move you toward your goals).  These sessions are available for individuals who want to find purpose in their lives, meaning in their work, imtimacy in their relationships and satisfaction and joy in each moment. During these sessions, depending upon your goals:

  • You may increase your emotional fluency
  • You may increase connection with ourself and others
  • You may increase intimacy with those you choose to be vulnerable with
  • You may have insights that increase compassion for yourself and others

About Terri:

Teri Moon

Terri Moon MS, is a Graduate of the Bay Area Nonviolent Communication Leadership Program, an inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator, an internationally published best-selling author of “Listening to the Body,” and  founder of Harmony at Home. As a bodyworker for 35 years, Terri’s hands have listened to more than 10,000 bodies.  As a Heart-Based Communication trainer and coach for 19 years, her empathic and compassionate presence have helped hundreds to navigate the “longest distance in the world” from their head to their heart (on five continents).  Terri’s mediation and conflict resolution skills support individuals, couples and family members to connect, hear, understand, and collaborate after years of conflict and/or silence.

Terri’s courage over more than three decades of healing her own traumatic past means she’s been where you need to go and will fearlessly and compassionately accompany you into your scariest places.

What Others Have to Say about this work:

“WoW!  This is some powerful sh*t!”

– Drop-In group attendee

“I no longer tell my son that he is “useless”, a habit I passed down from my Mother.  This change happened easily and I celebrate having choice about how I express myself.  I’m now living in alignment with my value for kindness and experiencing less shame in my interactions with others as a result.”

– E.G., Santa Rosa

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