Shelter-in-Place Special for Couples

Is your relationship stressed from all the changes happening in our world?

Our world has become more stressful due to the current global pandemic:  hyper-vigilance and forethought are now required to safely stock the home with food, and the personal protective equipment needed while working, playing, shopping in stores or interacting with those outside the household can make life more complicated and uncomfortable on a daily basis.  Add to these stressors increased time together and decreased access to other resources for self-care (friend-time, gym workouts, closed restaurants,  inaccessible massages, kids schooling at home and more) and annoyance, impatience and resentment can result.  Effective communication skills can reduce the stress and support harmony, ease and collaboration.

What if sheltering-in-place could support increased connection, despite the stress, rather than being irritated, annoyed or frustrated with each other?

  • Lengthen the short fuse you’re currently experiencing and increase the patience and spaciousness you have with each other
  • Learn new tools and skills to successfully navigate challenges when they arise (which they will) so you experience less guilt and regret and more connection and trust
  • Live in alignment with your values and leave remorse and distancing  behind
  • Experience more compassion for yourself and for your partner

Invest in skills that support peace, harmony and healthy role-modeling (if you have children),  re-store connection and companionship between you and maybe even re-ignite your attraction to each other (it has happened!).  

Why Heart-Based Communication?  I learned this work from the founder of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D.  This work has spread to nearly every country in the world, due to its effectiveness, whether between waring countries or couples who have had the same disagreements for decades.  This method has been shown to be effective around the world and it can be effective for you too!

Using NVC is unique because we focus on re-storing connection.  You see, when there is a heart-based connection between you, you want the other person to get what they need, as much as they want you to get what you need.   Once connect has been re-stored, solutions find us!   In addition, compromise is not necessary in order to resolve conflict.  This is a different perspective than other mediation methodologies that focus on agreeing to compromises which can lead to resentments because neither partner getting what they really need in the relationship.

Another benefit of Heart-Based Communication is that one person can single-handedly change the relationship dynamics.  This is exciting because there is hope for re-storing your connection even if your partner is not willing to attend sessions.

How can we re-store connection and dissolve years of resentment?  Getting clarity about what we really need, becoming aware of the stories we are telling ourselves (which may or may not be true), and experiencing the situation from our partners perspective (via role-plays) is usually all it takes to   shift our experience from painful to satisfying.

Choose from OPTION A or OPTION B, as specified below

The Shelter-In-Place Special for Couples* OPTION A  includes:

  • One Bridging The Divide Breakthrough Session*
  • Five 60-minute sessions including:
    • One 60-minute Empathic Presence Coaching Session with partner A
    • One 60-minute Empathic Presence Coaching Session with partner B
    • Three 60-minute Heart-Based Mediation Sessions with both partners at the same time

The Shelter-In-Place Special for Couples* OPTION B  (for those with a partner who does not want to participate) includes:

  • One Bridging The Divide Breakthrough Session*
  • Five 60-minute Empathic Presence Coaching Sessions, to support you in single-handedly turning your relationship around

Either Option begins with a Bridging The Divide Breakthrough Session* so schedule yours here now.

*A  Bridging The Divide Breakthrough Session is a 60-minute videoconference meeting with me as a couple, to get clarity on what is currently happening between you, to get clear on where you would like your relationship to be instead, to consider some options for how to navigate from where you are to where you would like to be, and to see if working together is a fit.  There is no obligation or pressure because I only want to work with people I know I can help and that are a good fit.