Anxious or Blue? 3 Steps to Freedom Without Meds

This month-long virtual training Program provides support on a few levels: physical, mental and emotional levels. 

First, we will support your nervous system to switch from “fight, flight, or freeze” into “rest and digest”.  This shift supports your physical body with healthy functioning of your digestion and restful sleep (thus the term “rest and digest”).  This shift calms your nervous system down. We do this step first because once your nervous system has calmed down, learning will be easier. 

Second, we will discover what is creating your feelings. Something is generating your feelings, whether they are anxiousness, despair, or some other feeling.  Sometimes, these feelings come from hormones in our bodies, which may shift as a result of the work we do in step 1 with your nervous system (your physical body).  Other times, these feelings come as a result of the thoughts we are thinking (from your mental body).  If this is the case, we will discover which thoughts are activating your feelings.  You cannot change what you are unaware of so this excavation will be important to do before we move on to step 3.

Third, we will make friends with the thoughts that are generating your feelings (impacting your emotional body).  You have likely tried many things to change your feelings.  I’d be willing to bet that you have not yet tried making friends with them.  Making friends with your thoughts and feelings means discovering, understanding, and respecting the reason (s) they are there.  Befriending these thoughts and feelings means stopping any “enemy images”, or making them wrong in any way.  When we embrace our thoughts and feelings, and see them for the gifts they are, the conflict ends, naturally.   This step is counter-intuitive, right?  And yet, effective, as so many of my clients and students have told me.   

What can you expect to receive from this virtual Program?

By showing up for the classes, you will likely experience:

  • Increased peace of mind,
  • Pathways to freedom from self-criticism, judgment and blame
  • Relief from anxiousness, despair, guilt, shame and anger
  • Become your own best friend, rather than your own worst enemy

What will this virtual Program will consist of?

  • Four virtual meetings, once/week for 4 consecutive weeks, for 60-minutes each ($788 value). 

These sessions will consist of, roughly,:

  • 20 minute check-ins about how it is going, shifts you are noticing
  • 20 minutes of education on what we are doing and why which might include slides or handouts
  • 20 minutes for Q & A (questions and answers)

Two optional bonuses are available with this Program:

  • A private, confidential, 60-minute 1:1 session, which can be scheduled at your convenience, anytime during the Program, for individualized attention ($197 value) for $100.
  • Weekly practice and on-going drop-in group support, by donation.

You can choose to add either of the optional virtual bonuses at any time during the Program.

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