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Living from our head supports access to internal voices that can be critical. These self-judgments increase stress, fear, doubt, and even depression. Alternatively, living from our heart supports self-connection, love, clarity about our needs, and connection with others. Come explore ways to live from your heart.

This event is a free introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and serves as the beginning of the upcoming 12-week workbook study group. Benefits include:
-Reducing conflict in your relationships (even with yourself)
-Releasing shame, guilt & depression
-Expressing yourself clearly and authentically
-Living from your heart, not your head

This group is intended to support you in building and practicing communication skills, while fostering rich relationships in a safe and supportive online community. Each week we will read, do exercises, and share experiences, while working with the texts**.

The first six weeks covers Chapters 1-6, which involves learning the basic structure and components of the NVC model. Chapters 1-6 include the following topics: Giving from the heart, Communication that blocks compassion, Observing without evaluating, Identifying and expressing feelings, Taking responsibility for our feelings, and Requesting that which would enrich life.

The second six weeks builds on the first six weeks and covers Chapters 7-13. The focus is on applying the information learned in the first six weeks in our relationships and may include role-plays, empathy sessions, and live interactions. Chapters 7-13 include the following topics: Receiving empathically, The power of empathy, Connecting compassionately with ourselves, Expressing anger fully, The protective use of force, Liberating ourselves and counseling others, and Expressing appreciation in NVC. Prerequisite: Chapters 1-6.

Two classes will be starting in September and will happen weekly for 12 weeks. One class will meet in-person, in Santa Rosa, CA each Tuesday at 6:45 pm, starting 9/27. 

Each 12-week series of classes costs $500 and includes two 75-minute one-on-one Empathic Presence Coaching sessions with Terri Moon.  Save $80 by paying in advance for all 12 weeks ($420). Payment may be made by check, credit card, or PayPal.

Your Trainer, Terri Moon M.S., graduated from the Bay Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Leadership Program in 2005, has taught NVC on four continents around the world, and has facilitated this format regularly since 1996. Terri offers trainings and coaching in person and online, as well as healing in a variety of holistic forms since 1987.

**Purchase of two books is necessary, either new or used. The two books are:
Nonviolent Communication, The Language of Compassion, by Marshall Rosenberg
Nonviolent Communication, Companion Workbook, A Practical Guide for Individual, Group, or Classroom Study, by Lucy Leu

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